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Built to Last.
Built to Secure.

Rextorm PX501

10.1” Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

The new PX501 has considerably more utility functions, making it as powerful as ever but enriched like never before.

Intel i5 1000 nits Digitizer

Blaxtone PM-311B

7” Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

With high-performance fingerprint reader, MRZ reader and multiple security functions, PM-311B provides a high level of security for public safety needs.

Intel Celeron 850 nits Fingerprint Reader MRZ Reader

Rextorm PX-501

10.1” Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

With the ideal combination of extreme power and extensibility, the PX-501 takes your experience to new heights.

Intel i5 1000 nits Digitizer

Rextorm PM-521

10.1” Fully Rugged Windows / Android Tablet

Perfectly balanced performance, yet competitive pricing. The PM-521 offers an unparalleled operating experience and cost-effective option.

Intel Atom 1000 nits

Blaxtone PM-522

10.4” Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

Considering the requirements of field work, PM-522 features best-in-class robust structure, the complete RF technology and rich data-capture functions.

Intel Atom 700 nits

Blaxtone PM-311

7” Fully Rugged Windows Tablet

Built-in multiple interfaces and a wide variety of accessories to meet different deployment needs, PM-311 is the best tool to fulfill field application.

Intel Atom 700 nits

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Intel i5 Digitizer